The house was built in 1866, one of the original homes in
the San Rafael, when San Rafael was still a farming valley.
During the house remodel, the current homeowners discovered some
old wrought iron rusting away in the carriage house, circa 1867.
This discovery set the tone for the wrought iron job to follow.
To capture the essence of the house and its historical place in time,
all the metal stock used on the job isfrom solid stock and every inch of it is hammered. The look and feel is traditional and historical.

Recycling the past continue to beautify the future. The Pierce project was one of a kind and long time in the waiting. When recently visiting the South I became excited with the idea of recycling old classic cast steel fencing. With these images running through my mind this house project came up. With a 120ft street side stretch, the fencing possibilities were limitless. We recycling old cast iron fencing form the South, powder coating and welding it into one solid 120ft length was a challenging. Because Cast steel breaks easily and welding on it is nearly impossible. The greater challenge is that cast steel fencing is not meant to be a swinging gate. However, where there’s a will there is a way and I found one..