IronRiver Creations Group consists mainly of two “artistic metalwork” companies known as Haris & Co. and IronRiver Creations.
A love of metal and working it has forged a strong bond between Briron Raley (IronRiver Creations) and Edgar Harris (Haris & Co) over the past ten years. A shared quest for aesthetics, techniques and effects has been a major part of their fascination. Function vs. appearance, excellence in craftsmanship and ongoing curiosity of this medium, is the fuel for their endeavors.

Haris & largely comprised of Edgar Haris and his assistant Christoff Taylor, along with a small number of sub-contractors who are all a part of creating a unique product that is highly customized and a long way from off the shelve. We do custom work that is loosely headed under the term custom metal fabrication or as I like to call it, “ artistic metalwork”.

At Haris and Co we work from ideas, drawings on napkins or blueprints on a close and personal basis. I love a challenge, an unknown, something to work out. I am the designer, art director, artist / craftsman to name a few of my hats. My years of experience as a jeweler makes for exceptional work, finely finished, with great attention to detail. Christoff brings his own area of expertise, ranging from years of welding and fabricating to engineering and creative problem solving.

We work with both carbon and stainless steels, copper and brass, and if you wish we can incorporate some gold or silver into your piece. We’ve done ornamental fences and gates, residential and commercial lighting, reproductions, architectural signage and furniture to name but a few examples of what we can do.

We employ a wide range of techniques in order to achieve a particular look or effect, above and beyond welding. Parts are cut with laser and waterjet, iron is forged hot to create otherwise difficult shapes, copper is hammered and formed to achieve a shape and on it goes. Edgar has an eclectic shop as a friend called it and the possibilities are endless.

IronRiver Creations has designed, constructed and installed custom metal designs since 1991. Our approach is simple and professional to the project at hand: we will see the project through from design to installation. We manage all aspect of the project, including but not limited to smithing, welding, fabrication and structural installation.

Traditionally, our focus has been on residential projects, creating unique custom metal gates and fences. We do a mix between traditional wrought iron and artistic metal. Our idea in creating an authentic and valuable wrought iron structure is every piece is constructed from solid stock and every inch of the metal surface is forged and hammered.

If you want a one of a kind gate and fence that people will notice and comment on for years to come, then we are your blacksmithing company. Along with the traditional wrought iron, we also do artistic metal creations. From the gallery you can view some of our projects. Our specialties are 3D creations of trees, landscapes and flowering vines, using both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, working with the brilliant array of natural colors these metals possess.

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